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Threaded Caps and Plugs

Threaded caps and plugs used mainly in the automotive, radiator and valve manufacturing industries. There are different threaded caps and plugs available in various colors and designs to suit the application. 600 series threaded caps have a half formed thread to enable them to screw on to male BSP fittings. CD series threaded caps protect UN (JIC) threads against mechanical damage and also seal out dirt and moisture. PD series threaded plugs, designed for use on flared fittings, JIC or UNF threads and will seal low pressure requirements with light finger tightening. PDE series threaded plugs are designed to fit MS-21921 tube and nut assemblies. They can be applied by light finger tightening.

PDF Series threaded plugs provide easy mechanical or hand installation on flat -faced O-ring fittings. PDI threaded Plugs are for S A E straight threaded "O" ringed type ports. PDO SERIES threaded plugs are suitable for sealing SAE straight threaded O-ring ports. RP series are a general purpose, machine threaded plug having a knurled edge, a spanner hexagon and screwdriver slot to enable easy fitting and removal. RPO Series provide a positive seal on SAE straight threaded ports. TP series are a fully formed male threaded plug to suit BSP pipe threads.

Non Threaded Caps and Plugs

Non threaded caps and plugs are used to protect a variety of items. There are many types of non threaded caps as well as non threaded plugs available which can be easily inserted as well as removed. All the non threaded caps and plugs have their unique uses. The EC Series non threaded caps and plugs are designed for easy application and removal on threaded and smooth connectors. The EP Series plugs serve as dust and protective closures for threaded and bayonet-type connectors. FC Series caps are a cap within a cap. They can be easily applied to flareless hydraulic tube and nut assemblies. GP series caps and plugs are designed for thread protection of Industrial and LPG gas cylinder valves. The J series caps are a time saving cap for male BSP/NPT threads.

Series JS tear caps are for use on straight threads. Series K Tubing plugs are especially designed for applications where the outside diameter of the closure should not exceed the outside diameter of the tubing. RC series caps are ideal to cap both threaded and cylindrical surfaces. RCL series caps are ideal to protect longer threaded or smooth cylindrical surfaces. SC series sleeve caps are a parallel molded cap to protect the outside diameter of tubing, shafts, threaded and non-threaded rod. SP series plugs "snap" into female threads such as those used in the hydraulics industry.

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Threaded Caps and Plugs, Non Threaded Caps and Plugs

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